You Can’t Outrun Your Fork

zerotoforty_Billie_gauraYou Can’t Outrun Your Fork

Nor outride it, nor out burpee and sit-up and push-up and weight-train and . . . You CANNOT exercise your way ahead of what you are putting in your mouth. So, if you are hoping, planning, trying to drop weight, push the pause button on exercise and start focusing on how you are fueling your body and what you are putting in your mouth. You heard me: if the goal is to lose weight, stop exercising!

Don’t get me wrong. Exercise serves an excellent purpose and it definitely has its time and place, but smack in the middle of a loss of weight isn’t it! What you choose to put in your bod is what fuels your body’s ability to drop pounds.

I say this all the time to my clients: The best weight loss journey begins by erasing everything you think you know about food, health and your body . . . and open your mind to a new, fresh approach to it all. Let’s start with a basic. Most people know that when you break weight loss down into simple math, you need to burn more calories than you consume. Sounds simple right? Makes sense? But have you ever really stopped to consider how easy it is to eat 100 calories compared to how hard it is to burn 100 calories? You either burn more than you eat, or eat more than you burn, and the amount you don’t burn inevitably turns into excess weight.

A couple of weeks ago, one of my clients texted to tell me a colleague was pushing a box of donuts on everyone at the office, insisting they take one (after all, he went through the trouble and expense to courteously bring them to share…ugh!). When she declined, he told her she, “Just needs to let him start training her” and that she “Just needs to get up and go running.” Right? Because she LOVES donuts SO much it is totally worth eating one and having to run for 45 minutes just to burn it off.. Eat a donut in two minutes. Work it off in 45 minutes. And that isn’t even to LOSE weight, that’s just to ward off the potential deposit of gunk on your thighs. Ridiculous. Nice try, dude.

When you get serious about making the healthiest, most nutritious food choices possible—and you are eating at a fat burning deficit—your body becomes a fat-store-burning MACHINE. No need to jog or race or jump or plank or sweat it out, and, actually, I insist that my clients hold off on working out at all while their body is in the fat burning phase.

The perpetuation of the idea that sedentary lifestyles are the main cause of our weight issues is derailing the success of thousands and thousands of people that sign up for fitness classes on January 1st, and putter along, only to fail and quit by Valentine’s Day. There aren’t many people who can successfully work out as often as is necessary to compensate for the repercussions of the Standard American Diet (SAD). Think about it. How many people do you know who lose weight working out, only to gain it all back eventually (and then some)? Boot camps are great in theory, but how many people make that kind of commitment long-term (how are you planning to maintain the loss)? Sustainability is a big deal. And then there are those that have just too much weight to begin moving enough to burn more calories than they take in . . . or the people who have health issues that affect whether or not they can even work out at all. Or the people that are waiting around for a doctor’s green light to allow them to start working toward their health (what?!). People are dying every flipping day of heart disease because of what they put in their bodies. Their arteries are becoming clogged, not because of a lack of exercise, but because they are eating artery-clogging food. It’s goopy sludge in your system, yuck! But it is completely preventable through a highly nutritional diet.

If you’re dealing with obesity and you’re exercising, here’s what you should consider:

– Exercising is kicking up your appetite, which you’re likely fighting to suppress.
– Exercising is burning the extra calories, which you likely don’t have to give if you’re restricting consumption of them.
– Without traditional exercise, you’re exerting plenty of energy. Imagine this for a moment…fast forward to visualize you at your goal weight. Now take whatever your current excess weight is, (an extra 50, 100, 150) and imagine carrying that around with you everywhere you go. Seem like some serious work? THAT is what you’re already doing. Your body is working hard to carry the weight as it is. The level of effort that it takes your muscles, organs, and overall bod to deal with the situation is already pretty intense.

If you’re obese, forget about exercise for now. Folks need to get serious and realize that what we put on our plates, or in our bowls and cups, and then in our bodies, has the greatest impact on our weight status, and on our overall health. You cannot outrun your fork. Not for long anyway. Look around and see for yourself.

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  1. After returning from a 2 week detox, I’ve learned that what we put into our bodies is of utmost importance. On the same hand, we were taught meditation to clear the mind, and lymphatic exercises to move the toxins out of our body. I don’t think weight loss is a diet and/or exercise issue; weight loss, aka HEALTH, is obtained on levels that go beyond what we put in our mouths. Granted, the building blocks to health start with raw, nutrient-rich foods, but to obtain a healthy body as a whole, the mind, body and spirit have to be addressed together. Thanks for another wonderful and insightful post, Billie!

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