Yonanas? Say what?!

zerotoforty.com_billie_gaura_yonanas_costcoYonanas? Say what?!

Okay so clearly they didn’t hire Rainmaker to develop a name for them and well, let’s just say perhaps they should have. The branding is a miss, but the product is a HOME RUN! I recommend you fasten your seatbelt, because I’m about to ruin the image and style (of dessert) that you are used to. Holy Guiltless Sweetness, People.

Cruising through Costco with eyes wide open, as I picked up spring break essentials for the lake, I happened upon the Yonanas machine, a super cool $40 kitchen gadget, that turns frozen fruit into delicious ice-cream consistency dessert. I took it to the cabin, let the Ladybugs tear it out of the box, set it up . . . and within five minutes flat, our health-conscious palates were welcoming a new member into the family: 100% all-natural soft-serve fruit ice cream (sans the sugar, salt and fat!). Boom! Seriously an amazing piece of awesomeness.

The base of the deliciousness typically comes from using frozen overripe bananas (hence the “Yonanas” branding), which helps create the creamy, soft-serve nature of the 100% fruit “ice cream.” The natural sugar in overripe fruit lends the sweet flavor, so there is absolutely no need to add sugar. Though we made several sorbet style delights without bananas. Mango-strawberry, pineapple-guava, strawberry-watermelon. All were incredible! Slightly thawing the fruit (left out of the freezer for about 10 minutes) creates the perfect soft-serve consistency. No additives, no added colors and flavors, or other gunk, and definitely no artificial sweeteners, and no weight gain! Nutritious and scrumptious, with less than 100 healthy calories per serving? AND the kids love it? Yes please! 

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  1. I used ninja blender to make a mango sorbet the other day and it was really good. I think I will add banana next time to get more not the ice cream.

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