Step one: Choose 100 pound drop. Step two: Figure out how.

how-do-I-get-there-billie-gaura-zerotofortyStep one: Choose 100 pound drop.
Step two: Figure out how. 

I went in search of the “perfect diet,” only I had all sorts of boundaries in place. There was quite a list of things I didn’t want to do. Here’s my list of hopeful avoidances:

No pills
No shakes
No meal replacement bars
No weighing food
No exercise
No low calorie diet foods
No artificial sweeteners (ew!)
No counting points
No counting calories
No being concerned with carbs, protein, or fat percentages

Hysterical, right? Like who is this broad kidding? So, I decided the best thing for me to do was to look into lap band surgery. There are essentially four steps involved in getting this surgery, and I completed two of them. I attended the general seminar and a one-on-one consultation. I was really excited to get the weight off, finally. I shared my news with one of my best friends who’s pretty much the picture of health, and she asked if I would be willing to hit pause while she introduced me to a scientist she knew whom she considered an authority on weight loss. She shared some of his success metrics with me and I figured if I could avoid the knife and not spend the $12K I had set aside for the surgery, it would be marvelous.

I hopped on the line with this chap, shared my situation, my goals and my boundaries. He assured me that all of the boundaries I’d hoped to avoid were not a problem; and he made a really good point when he said, “Billie, the surgery is barbaric AND once that weight is off, why would it stay off? Do you think you’re going to miraculously learn something post-surgery about how to live a healthy life that you don’t know now?” Ouch. He was right, and I knew it. I hired him on the spot.

I am so glad to be on the other side of it all! So. Damned. Grateful. The best part? My girls will never be overweight. Children do what they see, not what you tell them. We come from a long line of heavy (and wonderful) women and my girls didn’t stand a chance of getting out unscathed. They were destined to be heavy, unless mommy demonstrated a new approach to food while they were still young. Now they blast through the back door after school and ask, “Did anyone buy fresh berries?” I could not be happier!

With my successful drop several months in the rear-view mirror, many people have asked me to take them on in a coaching role. I have only had the capacity to work with a couple of clients because my career of leading our team at Rainmaker Creative holds most of business heart and head and that won’t change in the foreseeable future. If you’re looking for personal weight loss coaching, message Christine; holder of the kite strings. We’ll determine if we’re a good fit and in the mean time, please follow along here for health tidbits and insight. Also I recommend checking out Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman. Many eye-opening moments came from this little ditty. Some that I will elaborate on over time, and some that I hope you’ll discover for yourself over the course of the read. The book will cover some of what to eat, which is half the game. The other half is not exercise!

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