Hope is not a strategy.

hope-is-not-a-strategyHope is not a strategy.

How many times have you read an incredible business book on how to become a millionaire? And are you a millionaire? Right. Is it because the book was full of inaccuracies? Not likely. Chances are you just haven’t followed the steps outlined for you.

My relationship with my coach is one part teaching me new things, and two parts holding my feet to the fire. He’s there to keep me moving along in the right direction. When I go a little sideways in the middle of whatever I’m working on, he reminds me that breakdowns are what show up right before a breakthrough. I have several metaphors that I use to describe Carlos. He’s the bumpers on the alley as I learn to bowl the game of life, the jet stream beneath my wings, the tether who holds my kite strings as I learn to fly with grace. He coaches me through gaining clarity, choosing direction, and organizing priorities. Best of all, he helps me accomplish it all with velocity . . .  and in one piece!

The reason that I wouldn’t attempt big stuff without a coach? One word; amygdala [uhmig-duh-luh]. Are you familiar with this troublesome facet of our brains? Amygdala is medical speak for “Lizard Brain”. Seth Godin explains it brilliantly here. If I trusted myself to navigate life without my Lizard Brain reeking havoc on my momentum or misdirecting my ambition, I’d go it alone. I know that what I need is someone watching, guiding and cheering for me. During times of achievement, I may like to think of myself as a badass, but I’m still susceptible to falling victim to the human condition.

As we strive to live authentic, extraordinary lives and the pressures for achieving greatness mount (from the world around us and via self-induced pressures), we can become stuck in the ways we think and feel about ourselves and our lives. Often we say that we want one thing, and then we act in ways that don’t support our declaration. A good coach won’t let you get away with that.

If you’re still saying to yourself “I really hope I can pull this off” or “I hope I can stick to this” or “I hope it works this time”, consider hiring a coach. Is there something you’ve been wanting to accomplish but your Lizard Brain keeps getting in the way? Need some accountability? Have a hot list of goals for 2015? Ready for professional advancement? Want to drop 100 lbs? Whatever you want to tackle . . . I highly recommend you find a pro and pay them for their expertise and hand-holding. Hiring a good coach is always money well spent. You will be unstoppable; lizard brain and all.

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