Fat Free, Schmat Free

zerotoforty_snackwellFat Free, Schmat Free

Eyes Wide Open, Mouths Narrowly Close

Fat-free. Low fat. Sugar-free. Zero-Cal. Diet this or that. Low-Carb. So many “healthier” tasty treat options for the health-conscious, right?


It’s all a bunch of tricks and gimmicks brilliantly calculated to keep the angle of food addiction and obesity at 360 degrees. It’s an entire panorama of fattening you up and slimming you down and fattening you up again, owned by conglomerates that have analyzed every angle and possible moneymaking opportunity. And we are buying—and biting—into it. #NomNom #GoodnessNo

Are you familiar with the Snackwell Effect? Ugh. It is a recognized psychological phenomenon (and therefore preyed upon by profitability machines) that conveys that dieters will eat more low-calorie cookies than they otherwise would of normal cookies—or anything deemed “low” or “free” or “diet.” People end up consuming more calories overindulging in “reduced” or “free” edibles than they would by eating the full-fledged versions of the same foods. This is a THING, people. And the creation of such a THING had more to do with the sound of CHA-CHING in a food production company’s profitability ears than it did (and still does) with their marketed concern for consumers’ health—or the goodness of their hearts as they work diligently to offer health-conscious humans a “guilt-free” option for otherwise unhealthy chawing. They are selling you one thing: entertainment for your mug . . . which has nothing at all to do with nutrition and feeding/fueling your body and everything to do with getting you to put useless garbage in your mouth because it makes the money machine go ’round. And when you aren’t consuming diet “snacks,” you probably have thoughts of them dancing in your mind. It’s an inescapable plague that way. Snacks, Schmacks. Snacking is the death of a good, healthy diet track: your body needs a long break in between meals in order to fully run through the digestive process, and, if you hope to whittle off some extra pounds, your body will never burn your excess stores if you are always giving it something else to process and store, process and store, process and store.  

The food industry has been taking notice of the rising obesity epidemic, as you’ve all been made aware or to believe, but not in the ways you would hope or expect. Their brilliant million dollar minds saw an opportunity to make even more money than they had as they were fattening you up, with the added bonus of assured repeat business. They invested time and energy into engineering products that feed the nearly perpetual diet phenomenon most people find themselves stuck in these days. Does that change the flavor of your fat-free Twizzlers? How about your diet soda? Think of all of the food items you have consumed under these “diet” pretenses, are they still as “desirably delicious” knowing you are partaking in a sick food game by padding the pockets of food company executives, while you make yourself ill and deepen your addiction to “edible” garbage? The game has been played so well, even the brilliant minds behind it aren’t immune to its effects. They are getting fatter and sicker, too. Stop buying—and biting—into garbage for your (growing) gut. #NoMore #StopIt #ThinkItThrough

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