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  1. In case you didn’t realize, the word “alot” on your site is spelled incorrectly. I had similar issues on my website which hurt my credibility until someone pointed it out and I discovered some of the services like or which help with these type of issues.

  2. Hi, Thank you very much for your very inspiring, honest and open share about LF and AC.

    I am Yumi Fukushima in Japan, a graduate of 1991, ex-staff until 2015, current translator of LWW English courses in Japan. Is it OK to translate your AC share into Japanese and put it in one of the LWW blogs which we put all the videos and articles translated into Japanese in Japan? Seamus Form told me that you would love it. I want to get your permission for it. Please let me know what you think and if you have any question. Thank you!

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  4. Hello, I just saw your article about Landmark and found it wonderful, I just did the course as well as the advanced course and always got stuck when people asked me what the course is and what it is about, thanks for putting it into words so nicely. I have one thing to add, do the advanced course! honestly, I thought I had it all figured out after Landmark, but the advanced course really is the next level. If you’ve come this far, just go the extra mile. It still builds and just like in the forum, by Sunday evening everything changes completely. As an example, at the forum I figured out what held me back, me being a foreigner in the country I live in, that everyone is my partners friend and my fear of what people would think of me or if they just like me because of him – it was a major breakthrough realizing it all didn’t matter and I went out into the world and made friends with literally every human I met on every day : ) Only the Advanced course showed me the real deal, I was always the center of attention, and suddenly I wasn’t, that was the real thing that I was hiding and I had no idea.. Which explains why I was on such a high after the forum and then it all wore off when I was on holiday and not surrounded by people anymore.. After the Advanced course it is different, it all lasts. It really is the forum that wipes the slate clean, you are left with a blank canvas, which is great, but how do you fill the emptiness, how do you keep your happiness you just got? I got the tools or the brush and paint to fill the canvas if you will in the Advanced Course. It is next level and if you do it, you gotta push, push hard. There are small groups and you have homework, the group that get the most out of it is the ones who are entirely honest, push each other until they realize what they are hiding and what they want to give back, it sounds harsh, but it is great! You will never forget. Anyway, I’m about to organize the Self expression and Leadership course to come to my city to make it all complete. Thought you might be interested, I hope this helps. And thanks again for your wonderful article. All the best, D.

  5. Hey there! Loved your Landmark post.

    Two things – the link to RainLab is broken on your about page.

    Also, this page shows some shortcode it shouldn’t.

    [contact-form-7 id=”47″ title=”Contact form 1″]

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